Cordiali saluti, Mario

Buon Appetito!

Salty wind, hot sun, sweet cinnamon buns, strong ristretto, juice of ripe tomatoes, stunning fragrance of orange trees in bloom – this is the smell of Italy. The Italy we have brought to the very heart of Moscow. Pasta, pizza, Tiramisu, seafood, cheeses and bruschettas – the most beloved Italian dishes – truly delicious coffee and waiters you will want to be friends with.


Osteria Mario offers the most favoured Italian dishes, such as true Roman pizza, thin pizza, cacciucco (a spicy tomato soup with seafood), mussels in white wine, fragrant pasta and risotto powdered with parmigiano, Caprese with sweet tomatoes, strong ristretto to help you come round after a hearty meal and, of course, Tiramisu with dark chocolate curls. Children love pizza and pasta, so we have made a special menu for them.



In our wine list, we have selected the very best for you. It presents the most popular wine growing areas: Toscana, Piedmont, Veneto, Abruzzo, Sicily and Puglia. The renown Barolo from Giovanni Gagliardo stands out in our menu. This wine is called “king of wines and “wine of kings”! This wine is the most known and favoured Piedmont wine made of nebbiolo variety. In addition to the legendary Italian wines, we have selected the best classic wines of France – Burgundian wines – and did not forget about the Spanish Rioja and the wines of the New World – Chile and Argentina – with their special varieties such as Carmenere and Malbeck.

The wine list of Osteria Mario offers wines that cater to every taste and every mood for the most attractive prices.



Warm wood and cold brick support the atmosphere of the Southern hospitality in Osteria Mario’s restaurants. You can make yourself comfortable for lunch surrounded by shady palms and figs, forgetting about the nasty weather outside. The happy Mario with his moustache smiles at the guests from the walls, symbolizing Italian hospitality. The smells of basil, crispy pizza crust and grilled meat create the fragrance of Ligurian happiness. Sweet words of love accompanied by the guitar, sung late at night on the distant slopes of Toscana come from the speakers. If you still haven’t forgotten you are in Moscow, sit back in the soft colourful sofa, close your eyes and whisper: La Vita è bella!